Friday, July 30, 2010

The Clock is Ticking Away when The Big Brother and the World are keenly Watching

All is well That ends Well

We have keenly taken stock of what has failed Kenya all these years. We know who the
enemies of Kenya and Kenyans are, those who are determined to fail Kenya But, we have faith and trust in the two Principles’ Leadership (President Kibaki and PM Raila), we believe they
will deliver the much awaited Reform Agenda through the Referendum in August 4th 2010.
We have faith that the New Constitution will pave ways for a New Era for “The Kenya We all Want” that which we will be proud of.

We also believe majority Kenyans are tired of living a wasted lifestyle. It is time for CHANGE and REFORM in a forward strategy development agenda for progress and prosperity.

It is time Kenya must show the world that "It is Ready for the World" in Economic, Social and Political challenges and competition, that which will provide a balance and make the Universe a better place to live in Unity, Peace and Love, caring and sharing for each other and preserving nature as was purposed by God upon creation.

Big brother and the world are all keenly watching the unfoldings in Kenya as the time keeps ticking.

This will be an opportunity for President Kibaki to offer and deliver a special gift to Kenyans. He will have broken the cord of the Devil which has been holding Kenya backwards and has kept Kenya behind from achieving its development worth, a sorry and truely sad-state-of-affair.

For many years, Kenya has remained sunk into bottomless deeper in oppression, corruption, impunity and in depleting poverty which has caused Kenya to remain behind in their development agenda strategy. This will now remain behind us.

President Kibaki will have in essence delivered true and real "Freedom" to the people of Kenya to mark the dead end of the long, hard and strenuous journey for Kenya’s freedom. Consequently, this move will begin to heal the broken hearted and be able to make history that which will be remembered by all Kenyans for very many years to come. A very memorable record will then be set on the Books of the World History of Fame, that which will have been made in Kenya, following with the rest of Africa in general.

We also noticed President Kibaki has already declared August 4th a holiday for Kenya. Surely this holiday is worth Celebrating in a big-big way. May I take this opportunity to request for a chance on behalf of all Kenyans, sympathizers, friends and foes to provide a moment for “Shake the Leg”? I believe it is prudent? This will suffice for an immediate antidote, a sure way to begin to forget and heal.....Spread the Word people, because, Ni Dawa !.... Let us all CELEBRATE.

We will all value, cherish and celebrate the month of August 4th in a couple of many ways, not
forgetting that, the August 4th is also a Grand Memory Birthday of President Barack Obama,
and for this, President Kibaki will have given Kenyans a privileged opportunity to appreciate and honor the Son of a herdsman from Kogelo "The Pearl of Africa" The President of United States of America in style. Glory to God, what a Blessing!

Seing all women come out to soldier, I am already in a good mood. I must therefore, in advance take this moment of relief and offer appreciation, sending a word of “Thank You” to all from the bottom of my heart. Those who participated in all other ways and means to assist, those who pulled and help put all these activities together to a fruitful end, the push and shove of all kind that brought us this far, with those who stood by me in breathtaking moves, including those who acted in spar of moment upon the sound of the voice of alarm from the wilderness, to all partners and sympathizers, with those who diligently worked on their own volution, doing their own things which they know how that which contributed in part, as a result which has brought us this far, and in the most weird moments in upscale, deserve to be thanked.......and I thank you all.

Most sincerely, I must say, you deserve Kudos President Kibaki! Because of you, we are in a FREEDOM CORNER.

At such times, therefore, when Great Things are about to happen, many are called home to God, BUT, I humbly Pray to God to let me and my family with all those who are in the struggle, have a chance to see and feel the beautiful moment of the end of this Wonderful Story of The long Journey for Struggle, of 50 years to Kenya’s True Independence.

I am looking forward to seeing a situation where the People of Kenya will be in command
to make things happen for purposes of Sustainable Development where in Partnership with the Government, and under the New Constitution will provide Good governance with improved Legal Justice dispensation, where Public will Demand for their needs and provide directions to their legislators for service delivery, while focusing on how they wish to be governed, within the code of Ethics Rules of checks and balances, transparency and accountability, Responsibility and Commitment in a shared Public Services delivery. Or else, lazy leaders will be re-called back for poor performances ............This will in essence be a journey to a success story of True Reform Agenda achieved within time frame ..... proving the fact that, in Faith, “Yes” it can be done People ! ……

Let us not relax, the struggle is not over, we must continue to endeavour in close watch and observation for the best of results.......... Voters must not begin to celebrate until and after election is closed and votes counted.

So Go Vote "YES" on the Referendum Day for a New Beginning.....

Cheers !

Judy Miriga Diaspora Spokesperson Executive Director Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc., USA

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