Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lake Victoria Festival of Arts (LAFESTA 08)


The 2nd Lake Victoria Festival of Arts was held in Kisumu from 30th September to 5th October 2008 and attracted over 500,000 spectators with more than one thousand artists taking part. Of these artists two got CD recording contracts while another musician had his first music VCD produced during the festival. More than 6 million people watched the festival on television while over 10 million followed it on radio. Lafesta was widely covered by the following organizations.a). Royal Media Servicesb). British Broadcasting Cooperation BBCc). Radio Lolwed). Nation Media Groupe). Radio Lake Victoriaf). Radio SaharaLAFESTA programme included traditional dance, modem dance, theatre performances, film screenings and fashion shows. It also featured art exhibition and workshops. Other events that witnessed huge crowds were boat racing at Dunga Beach on Lake Victoria, boda boda (bicycle race) which covered over 80 kilometers and Luo Ramogi Night - a musical extravaganza LAFESTA is organized annually by Kisumu Cultural Forum. Over 5,000 people learned a lot from the workshops, which they attended during the festival.The next LAFESTA will be held from 29th September to 4th October 2009 in Kisumu City.

LAFESTA is now the biggest cultural festival in Kenya
Main Theatre Groups for LAFESTA 081.Betta Theatrix - From Kisumu2.Freedom Moving Theatre - Fr

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